The Ultimate List of EDM Festival in 2023

We'll tell you exactly which festivals are worth going and which ones you can pass on.

Our team has gone to hundreads of festivals accross the globe. We know that choosing the right festivals to attend is not always easy. That's why we created this guide to help you find the right one for you.

Now, that festival season is upon us and your starting to do your research. We only ask you keep us in mind while searching for your rave clothing.



Groove Cruise

Date: January 19-23
Location: Miami
Website: Groove Cruise

Why should you go? Groove Cruise is a festival on a cruise that departs from Miami and always sells out. The entire festival lasts for 5 days. During your travel, not only will you get to party, but you'll also enjoy time at Labadee's Private Island, which will have over 9 custom-built stages and more than 60 performances from dance music's leading names. This year's lineup included Claptone, Jauz, Markus Schulz, Bijou, Blastoys, Cloonee, EDX, and more. Unlike other festivals, at this event, you'll actually be able to hang out with your favorite artists daily (since they're stuck on the boat with you). If you haven't done this, we highly recommend it!



Date: January 28
Location: Salt Lake City
Website: Wobbleland

Why should you go? If you're into Dubstep and you live in the area, you NEED to attend Wobbleland. This event was made for those who love to headbang and want their heads to wobble from the bass. The event includes performances by Zomboy, Phaseone, Riot Ten, and Akvma. It's at The Complex, one of the best venues to party in Salt Lake City.


Gem and Jam

Date: February 3-5
Location: Tucson, AZ
Website: Gem and Jam

Why should you go? This is one of the events you'll find all over TikTok. That's because, apart from being an event, this festival is about community involvement. They'll be workshops around energy, sex, breathwork, yoga, connectedness, and more.



Date: February 3-4
Location: Tacoma, WA
Website: Thunderdome

Why should you go? Excision is back to tear the house down! He's bringing Black Tiger Sex Machine, Sullivan King, Space Laces, and many more artist. This a bass heavy event and a guaranteed dance party.


Noise Pop

Date: February 20-26
Location: San Francisco, CA
Website: Noisepop

Why should you go? It's a great event to hear emerging artist. The White Stripes, Modest Mouse, and others have come out of this event. Plus, they're festival food is great.

Basscon Wasteland

Date: February 24-25
Location: San Bernardino, CA
Website: Basscon Wasteland

Why should you go? Thought hard dance music events only happened in Europe? Well not anymore! Wasteland is here to make you shuffle. You better look good at this event because everyone has their lifestyle gear.


Date: February 27- March 3rd
Location: Miami, FL
Website: Friendship

Why should you go? This cruise out of Miami is not only special because of its great headliners, but also because of its themed nights. Every night offers a unique and exciting theme, making it easy to start conversations with fellow passengers. The three themes are 90's club kids, anything but clothes, and interstellar western. If you're rave alert is going off it should be! Get your tickets now!

We Belong Here Miami

Date: February 25-26
Location: Miami, FL
Website: We Belong Here

Why should you go? At this techno festival you'll become a party animal. The event features Dirty south, Bryan Softwell, Calussa, Chapter & Verse, and many more artist. It's located in Virginia Key which has a beautiful beach. You'll feel the wind as you rave the night away.

Okeechobee Music Festival

Date: March 2-5
Location: Okeechobee, FL
Website: Okeechobee Music Festival

Why should you go? One of the key festivals of the year OMF (OkeechobeeMusic Festival) tickets start at $349 and go up to $799. At this electronic dance music festival you'll find artist such as Excision, Odesza, Griz, Baby Keem, and Lil Yatchy. Get your festival map out because this event is huge.


Body Language

Date: March 4-6
Location: Phoeniz, AZ
Website: Body Language

Why should you go? Are you ready to experience an unforgettable night of music with Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Claptone and Kaskade all in one event? If yes, then you don't want to miss out on this electronic dance music festival. The ravers here will be wild and the music will be deep. We highly recommend adding this event to your EDM festival schedule for 2023.



Date: March 10-19
Location: Austin, TX
Website: SXSW

Why should you go? Recognized as a career launchpad for many artist, if you go to this event you'll definetly find a future star. This is a more chill event and not pasties heavy! In case you were wondering what to wear.


Beyond Wonderland

Date: March 24-25
Location: San Bernardino, CA
Website: Beyond Wonderland

Why should you go? One of the heavy hitting festivals of every year! This should definetly be in your schedule for edm festival 2023. Ravers at Beyond are known to get wild. Bring your bodysuits because it's going to be a fun dance party.


Ultra Music Festival

Date: March 24-26
Location: Miami, FL
Website: UMF

Why should you go? Our favorite event of all time! (We live in Miami). Ultra Music Festival is about the muisc. You won't see many shows like Insomniac is EDC but you'll fall in love with the sounds, the people and the food. The best part is that you can bring your own hydration pack to sip while you watch David Guetta, Steve Aoki, and other top DJ's crush it on stage. We definetly recommend getting more festival info on this event if your deciding between a couple.

Lucidity Festival

Date: April 7-10
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Website: hLucidity Festival

Why should you go?
Be wild and free in this event. They want you to come dressed as your favorite character. They want you to be wierd. They want you to be you. Go enjoy the electronic dance music while joining a workshop here and there.

Coachella Music Festival

Date: April 14-16 & April 21-23
Location: Indio, CA
Website: Coachella

Why should you go? A fun festival that always has two weeks of adventure. This is not a hardstyle festival. This is a festival of mixed genres anybody can enjoy. This year Bad Bunny the quarterback for the Apple's is headline both Friday's.

Digital Gardens

Date: April 21-22
Location: Charlotte, NC
Website: Digital Gardens

Why should you go? A smaller but fun festival for the city of Charlotte that doesn't always see much action. This year they are bringing Troyboy, Ekali, and more.

Wub N' Dub Festival

Date: April 21-23
Location: Salt Lake City
Website: Wub N Dub

Why should you go? A beautiful festival full of positive energy. This event is in the woods for a whole weekend of bass. Bass heads and house hounds rejoice!


Ubbi Dubbi

Date: April 22-23
Location: Ennis, TX
Website: Ubbi Dubbi

Why should you go? We love Ubbi Dubbi it's not an extremely known event but they constantly kill it with the lineup and production. This year they are bringing Adventure Club, Bonnie X Clyde, Cloverdale, Zomboy, and more.


Something In The Water

Date: April 28-30
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Website: Something In the Water

Why should you go? This is a 3 day event of all ages hosted in the famous Virginia Beach.


Project Glow

Date: April 29-30
Location: Washington, DC
Website: Project Glow

Why should you go? A true electronic dance music event. You'll find a huge stage with fire, hype man, dj, and thousands jumping up and down to the sick beats.


Breakaway Festival

Date: May 5-6
Location: Charlotte, NC
Website: Break Away Festival

Why should you go? This is a traveling event with locations in Spring Carolina, Kansas City, Michigan, Ohio, Boston, and North Carolina. Our favorite event is these days though because Illenium and Tiesto will be there! Get your notepad out and add this event to your festival schedule 2023 must go list.

Desert Hearts Festival

Date: May 5-8
Location: Lake Perris, CA
Website: Desert Hearts

Why should you go? Desert vibes with friends, yes.

Sol Fest

Date: May 5-7
Location: New Brockton, AL
Website: Sol Fest

Why should you go? 3 day event in Alabama featuring your favorite DJ's including Zeds Dead, Liquid Stranger, Flux Pavilion, and Champagne Drip

Utopia Fest

Date: May 5-6
Location: Burnet, TX
Website: Utopia Fest

Why should you go? Experience based festival where connecting means everything.

All Day I Dream Festival

Date: May 11-14
Location: Live Oak, FL
Website: All Day I Dream

Why should you go? Four stages of music, a circus tent, a wellness sanctuary, and art installations! This festival has it all.


Echoland 2023

Date: May 11-14
Location: Washington, DC
Website: Echoland

Why should you go? Experience the magic of sleeping in a hammock while listening to beautiful music. Join us for this enchanting event.


The Untz Festival

Date: May 12-14
Location: Browns Valley, CA
Website: Untz Festival

Why should you go?
An underground bass event created to form a community. Get your festival map or you'll get lost in the music.


Hangout Fest

Date: May 19-21
Location: Gulf Shores, AL
Website: Hangout Music Festival

Why should you go? Listen to Red Hot Chili Pepers, SZA, and Calvin Harris? Then this is the event you need to attend. Skrillex, Lil Nas, Paramore, and others will also be there. Get your crop top ready and prepare to dance all night.


Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

Date: May 19-21
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Website: EDC Las Vegas

Why should you go? Insomiac's flagship festival of the year and it never dissapoints. EDC Las Vegas is an all night event that starts late and ends at around 8 AM. The best part about this event is the experience. Not only do they have great music but they have rides, shows, and things to do to stay entertained and having fun all night.

Lighting In A Bottle

Date: May 24-29
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Website: Lighting In A BottleWhy should you go? A fun event with a great sound system that will really get you going. You can also camp here and spend the night with others ravers.

Summer Camp Music Festival

Date: May 26-28
Location: Chillicothe, IL
Website: Summer Camp

Why should you go? Over 15 awesome bands in two stages. Plus, you'll have a field day to compete in tug-o-war, giant twister, and more.

Sunset Music Festival

Date: May 27-28
Location: Tampa, FL
Website: SMF

Why should you go? Every day there's a new meme about Florida Man. This is your chance to party with Floridians and see how crazy they really are. We are wild, but in a good way!

Movement Electronic Music Festival

Date: May 27-29
Location: Detroit, MI
Website: Movement


Dirtybird CampINN

Date: June 8-11
Location: Orlando, FL
Website: Dirtybird

Why should you go? One of the funnest events, this is more than a rave this is a community of ravers that take over a resort and celebrate non-stop. It's mainly older attendees too (25-35) so you dont have to deal with too many younglings.


Governor's Ball

Date: June 9-11
Location: New York NY
Website: Governors Ball

Why should you go? Get ready to rave with Lizzo, Odesza, Lil Baby, and Kendrick Lamar in New York City.


Forbidden Kingdom

Date: June 9-10
Location: Orlando, FL
Website: Forbidden Kingdom

Why should you go? A fun event in Orlando with multiple stages, amenities, and more.



Date: June 10-11
Location: Chicago, IL
Website: Heatewave

Why should you go? A fantastic festival with insane production. Every year they go all out and make their performances better and better. If you're into visuals you should definetly go.


Date: June 15-18
Location: Manchester, TN
Website: Bonnaroo

Why should you go? One of our favorite events to not only listen to great music but camp and meet others like you. They have different types of camping from primitive (your car) to glamping (Moon Colony).

Sonic Bloom

Date: June 15-18
Location: Peaks County, CO
Website: Sonic Bloom

Why should you go? Inspirational views in Colorado while listening to the best DJ's and doing yoga. You'll feel reinvigorated from nature and full of bass.

Beyond Wonderland

Date: June 17-18
Location: San Bernardino, CA
Website: Beyond Wonderland

Why should you go? Journey down the rabbit hole and feel the power of California's raves. These are hardcore ravers that LOVE to party.

Electric Forest

Date: June 22-25
Location: Rothbury, MI
Website: Electric Forest

Why should you go? Shuffle into the night and feel the animals of the forest power through your veins.



Date: June 22 - July 8th
Location: Milkwaukee, WI
Website: Summer Fest

Why should you go? A huge festival in Milwaukee hosts over 800 bands and 900,000 fans over 3 weekends. You'll find the top artist and up and coming gems. This festival is 3 weeks long so bring your dancing shoes, hydration pack, energy drink, and a lot of fun friends.


Audiotistic Bay Area

Date: July 8-9
Location: Mountainview, CA
Website: Audiotistic

Why should you go? Hosted by Insomniac Audiotistic is a fun genre-blending festival with Hip Hop, Dubstep, and traditional dance music.


Global Dance Festival

Date: July 14-15
Location: Denver, CO
Website: Global Dance Festival

Why should you go? Join the party in the Rocky Mountains and light up the night with your LEDs as you watch DJs perform with explosive sound and pyrotechnics.


Big Dub Festival

Date: July 15-30
Location: Artemas, PA
Website: Big Dub Festival

Why should you go? Known for its mix of electronic dance music, hip-hop, and reggae music.

HARD Summer

Date: July 28-29
Location: San Bernardino, CA
Website: Hard Summer

Why should you go? Features a lineup of electronic dance music, hip-hop, and alternative artists. The festival provides a high-energy atmosphere with multiple stages and entertainment options.

Camp Bisco

Date: July 8-10
Location: Scranton, PA
Website: Camp Bisco

Why should you go? Multi-day festival that showcases a diverse lineup of electronic dance music, jam bands, and hip-hop artists.


Date: August 3-6
Location: Chicago, IL
Website: Lollapalooza

Why should you go? Features a diverse lineup of music, including alternative, rock, hip-hop, and electronic dance music.

Moonrise Festival

Date: August 5-6
Location: Baltimore, MD
Website: Moonrise Festival

Why should you go? Multiple stages with non-stop entertainment, making it a favorite among festival-goers.


Outside Lands

Date: August 11-13
Location: San Francisco, CA
Website: Outside Lands

Why should you go? A mix of music, art installations, and food and drink vendors, making it a unique festival experience. With a lineup of alternative, rock, hip-hop, and EDM music.


Elements Music Festival

Date: August 11-14
Location: Long Pond, PA
Website: Elements Music Festivak

Why should you go? A true festival with an immersive experience. They actually have a lot of things to make you part of the fun.


Bass Canyon

Date: August 18-20
Location: The Gorge, WA
Website: Bass Canyon

Why should you go? Headbang with the wild Washington ravers at the Gorge Amphitheater.


Deep Tropics

Date: August 18-19
Location: Nashville, TN
Website: Deep Tropics

Why should you go? The perfect rave in a place you wouldn't believe. They always bring great artists. Last year they had Chris Lake and Amtrac.

Burning Man

Date: August 27- September 4
Location: Gerlach, NV
Website: Burning Man

Why should you go? A truly unique festival that requires you to camp out and have a physical ticket. We recommend renting an RB. It really changes the game of campaign.

Arc Music Festival

Date: September 1-3
Location: Chicago, IL
Website: Arc Music Festival

Why should you go? Constructed to make a fully immersive experience. You will travel through sections that make you feel like you were in another world.

Electric Zoo

Date: September 1-3
Location: New York, NY
Website: Electric Zoo

Why should you go? Release your inner animal and shuffle into the night. Great music, insane vibes.

North Coast Music Festival

Date: September 1-3
Location: Chicago, IL
Website: North Coast Music Festival

Why should you go? If you're near Chicago or want to visit the windy city then escape during Labor Day for a weekend of dancing and sightseeing.



Date: September 4-10
Location: La Cygna, KS
Website: Dancefestopia

Why should you go? One of the few events that accept all ages. If that doesn't bother you then you'll have a blast because their lineups are always insane.


Hopscotch Festival

Date: September 7-9
Location: Raleigh, NC
Website: Hopscotch Festival

Why should you go? Grab a couple friends and head up to a cabin near Raleigh. You'll get to enjoy nature after hours and good vibes during the day.


Sacred Acre Festival

Date: September 8-10
Location: Ninilchik, AK
Website: Sacred Acre

Why should you go? If you've never been to Alaska then this is your calling. Travel to a festival with a mission to do good. It's Sacred Acre's goal to stop Trawling (fishing by dragging big nets).


Imagine Music Festival

Date: September 15-17
Location: Rome, GA
Website: Imagine Music Festival

Why should you go? An extremely fun festival located in Georgia. Listen to electronic music all day and eat bbq through the night.

Life is Beautiful Festival

Date: September 22-24
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Website: Life Is Beautiful

Why should you go? This 3 days event in downtown Las Vegas is non-stop fun. Best part about it is you get to listen to good music during the show and party on the strip afterwards. The fun doesn't stop.

Austin City Limits

Date: October 6-15
Location: Austin, TX
Website: Austin City Limits

Why should you go? A huge festival hosting over 450,000 people in over two weekends.

III Points

Date: October 13-15
Location: Miami, FL
Website: III Points

Why should you go? In true Miami fashion, this event is all about the music. You'll also find art installations and delicious food.

Dirtybird Campout

Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Website: Dirtybird Campout

Why should you go? Unlike most festivals dirtybird campout feels like a summer camp. You have endless activities to meet, hangout, and literally challenge each other to games.


Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando

Date: November 10-12
Location: Orlando, FL
Website: EDC Orlando

Why should you go? One of my personal favorite events of the year. Not only is it close to home but it has multiple stages a ferris wheel and game to enjoy the entire weekend.


Lights All Night

Date: December TBD
Location: Dallas, TX
Website: Lights All Night

Why should you go? Extremely fun event to end the year with your friends before spending the 31st at home with your family. Great enviorment with VIP tables and an insane production.


OMFG! Festival

Date: December 30-31
Location: San Diego, CA

Why should you go? This festival is one of the best events to spend New Years with your friends. Dance for two days and countdown to the new year while listening to the very best EDM.




Yes, these festivals are a blast. We hand picked them out of the hundreads because we have either gone or somebody close to us has gone.

This depends on the actual set up of the event and location. For example, in Ultra Music Festival Miami you can expect around 100,000 people per day. However, some locations are indoors and can only accept a couple thousand.

Glad you asked! We actually especialize in festival clothing. We make clothing that starts conversation and enhances your festival experience. Click here to shop our rave clothing.

No, almost 99% of festivals have their own licenses and do not allow you to bring your own liquor. We do not recommend taking any since it will likely be confiscated.

None of these festivals have an age limit but they do have a minimum age requirement which is either 18 or 21. If you are below 21 please check the individual festival websites before booking.

Yes, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is all night. If you haven't experienced an overnight event we definetly recommend giving this one a shot. You'll dance, get on rides, eat food, and have a blast listening to the best music as the sunrises.

Yes, you can shop plus size rave clothing with us. We have a range of sizes and if you can't find your size then we can custom make it for you.