The Ultimate Festival Clothing & Outfits Guide For Men

This guide will teach you exactly how to dress for your next festival! We know the best ways to match men's festival clothing and outfits.

We created the ultimate mens festival clothing guide to reduce the time you spend surfing the internet looking for what to wear. Am sure you know the best festival outfits change every year and It's so difficult to stay up to date on trends. That's why we created this guide so that you can look fresh at every single event.

Our team has been attending festivals since 2005! We're pros at making mens rave outfits and have attended almost every single festival. Our favorites are Ultra Music Festival (for the music), Electric Daisy Carnival (for the entertainment), and Burning Man (for the experience). Every festival brings something different and we know what you need to wear at each event.

During the day you want to wear loud shorts, tank tops, and t-shirts. You want to stay comfortable and use lightweight fabrics that will make you feel good while your dancing in the summer heat. The clothing that you choose during a festival is important because people will literaly come up to you and start conversations. You want to wear something that you are passionate about so that you can make friends, takes pics, and feel good.

Below are our favorite outfit ideas for guys!



Festival T-Shirts

All our t-shirts are made with a lightweight fabric that feels super smooth. You'll be able to move all day comfortably.


Festival Tank Tops

Our festival tank tops are made with a lined material to give extra comfort around the arm openings. Fist pump better than ever before!

Festival Hoodies

Festival Hoodies

With our colorful hoodies you'll stay warm and cozy while looking extremely stylish. No more cold nights at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas!


Festival Outfits

You'll love our perfectly matched outfits. They pair perfectly and our shorts bring two pockets so you can store ALL your belongings.



Galaxy Collection

We have over 600+ galaxy products for you. We don't do basic shorts or plain hoodies. We have what you actually need for music festivals.


Animal Prints Collection

You'll love our animal prints! And more importantly you'll appreciate our free shipping on orders over $75. We're the best festival shop because we have short sleeve menswear, exclusive discounts, and dope festival wear.


Psychedelic Collection

Our psychedelic designs are extremely trippy. All your friends will love the bright colors. These are the most unique festival looks.



Our team is made up of ravers. We enjoy going to events and wearing the loudest, most vivid outfits ever made! Everyone always asked us (Where'd you get that) and that's when we decided to create On Cue Apparel. Over the course of 10+ years we've added over 10,000 different products. We have something for everyone.

These are the current categories of festival clothing that we have! T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, outfits, joggers, sweatpants, shorts, onesies, graphic t-shirts, graphic tank tops and sweatshirts. We even have blankets for you to lay down during the long sets and tapestries which can be used for picknicks in the grass or sand.

We know that buying items online can be difficult. That's why we added a size chart to every single product. However, if for some reasons something doesn't fit you can return it up to 60 days no questions asked. We want you to be happy with your purchase.

All our products go into production the second you order them and ship 7-10 days from order date.

We have the largest catalog of mens festival clothing. This means we have something for each and every event.

Our designers understand that each event is different and that's why we created different products for each one.

Here's our recommendation:

Electric Daisy Carnival:

Products: T-Shirts, Joggers, and hoodies since it's a night festival.

Designs: Bright, bold, designs that stand out. Don't use dark colors because they don't pop at night.

Ultra Music Festival: Tank tops, shorts, and festival outfits since it's a day festival with March's warmth.

Designs: Ultra is all about the music. We recommend galaxy themed designs that look amazing as you can during the day.

For the rest of the major festivals we recommend using the logic above! Night (t-shirts, joggers, onesies, hoodies) and day (tank tops, shorts, rave outfits, and our graphic items).

We have a large catalog of products for both festivals and home goods! In our website you can buy shorts, graphic tees, graphic tanks, blankets, joggers, hoodies, face masks, onesies, sweatshirts, tapestries, and blankets.

We constantly add new products so check back often!

Yes! Even though our specialty is rave clothing most of our fans wear our core items (t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and hoodies) daily!

Why? Becausae they are lightweight, comfortable, and most importantly insanely creative.

The best part of shopping with us is that we literally have everything you need to look good without having to search a million and one websites.

Our most popular items for men are t-shirt or tank tops matched with our comfy, two pocket shorts.

Yes! We do offer free shipping on US orders over $75 and free international shipping on orders over $200.

At a festival guys wear tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, and a face mask to complete the look. Luckily, we have over 10,000 designs for you to choose from and free shipping on US orders over $75




Going to a festival is about having a good time with friends, meeting people, enjoying the experience, and raging to the music. We know that in order to have the most fun you need to look good. That's why we're so focused on creating the best festival clothing for men. We want all of you to feel what we feel when we go to a festival. The best feeling is when somebody says DUDE! That shirt is amazing. I really like it! And you make a friendship that last a lifetime. That's why we created this guide and we hope you follow it!