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    We are pleased to announce the launch of our 2017 Brand Ambassador program.

    Each ambassador will help us spread the word about On Cue Apparel, in return for special perks and rewards. We look forward to working closely with our Brand Ambassadors to grow the brand on a grassroots level. 

    To be considered for the Brand Ambassador program, submit the below requested info through the form on this page.

    Your Name
    Your Email 
    Your Blog (if applicable)
    Your Instagram
    Your Facebook
    Your Twitter
    Preferred Coupon Code:

    Tell us anything you want us to know about you.



    1. We'll give you a $ off promo code for your followers to use (post this anywhere & everywhere).

    2. Redeem: Every 5 products bought with your coupon code you can redeem a free graphic shirt or you can redeem it every 10 products bought for an all over print shirt. Free shipping in the USA.

    3. Up-to-date information about upcoming product releases, events and behind the scenes content.

    5. We'll provide an occasional gift card valued up to $50 for use on


    Responsibilities of an On Cue Apparel Ambassador 

    1. Follow or like On Cue Apparel on various social media outlets. Give us Social media shout outs. 

    2. A minimum commitment of 2 post per month on On Cue Apparel's rave clothing. These may be articles, photos, or social media post. Be creative and let your personality show through these post.

    3. Post your promo code anywhere and everywhere with links to On Cue Apparel.