Women’s Crop Tops

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to piecing together the perfect rave look. On Cue knows a thing or two about the perfect rave clothing and accessories.


As a brand founded by EDM and rave enthusiasts, On Cue is the leader in rave and festival apparel and accessories. On Cue's premium line of women's crop tops come in various designs featuring vibrant patterns, prints, and colors. Our graphic crop tops design sports a rounded neck and close fit to keep you cool and moving on the dance floor.


Why are On Cue's women’s crop tops so popular?

On Cue's premium graphic crop tops are designed to be soft, smooth, and stylish. The all-over-print rave shirts feature fun and adorable designs printed on shrink-proof fabric with high-quality ink that won't peel, flake, or crack. They pair perfectly with bottoms of all types, including rave leggings and shorts. Brand fans are always encouraged to tag @oncueapparel_ or #oncueapparel to get featured on social media, earn a discount code, or win free rave gear.

What sizes do women's rave tees come in?

All festival crop tops are available in sizes S, M, and L. The size selection is based on the torso length and chest width. Explore On Cue's collection of festival crop tops and enjoy up to 40 percent off of raver-favorite patterned and printed tops, including Interstellar Love Crop Top, To Infinity and Beyond Crop Top, Into Space Crop Top, Neon Leaf Crop Top, Namaste Crop Top, Kitsune Crop Top, Buddha Ice Cream Crop Top, and Gemini Stargate Crop Top.

How long does it take to process orders?

No one likes to wait a long time to receive an order they're excited about, and with rave and festival season gearing up, it's important to have all of your rave apparel and accessories ready to go. On Cue's rave clothing product line is all made to order using ethically sourced materials and high-end inks. All products are made within a seven-business-day production timeline beginning on the same day the order is placed. All of On Cue's products are made in the U.S.

Where do the design inspirations come from?

On Cue's designers are sketch artists, graffiti artists, painters, photographers, graphic designers, experimentalists, and everything else in between. The rave apparel brand provides artists from around the world with an outlet to showcase their original artwork on wearable high-quality clothing. On Cue is always looking to work with talented artists who want to share their designs with the world. Artists can submit designs to be mocked up on products, and On Cue will take care of all the inventory, overstock, and fulfillment. Styles including humor, psychedelic designs, surreal designs, patterns, anime, and more are always welcome. The best part is that artists keep the rights to their artwork while earning 15 percent on each sale.

How can I get rewards?

Rave apparel fans also have the chance to contribute to On Cue and earn money at the same time. The rave apparel brand has introduced a Brand Ambassador program in which you can earn kickbacks and gift cards to purchase clothing and accessories. Active Brand Ambassadors receive a custom affiliate link that they can share with friends and post in as many places as possible. Anytime a purchase is completed using the link, Ambassadors earn 10 percent of the sale and get paid out via PayPal. In addition to sharing this custom affiliate link, Active Brand Ambassadors follow and post about On Cue on social media.

How does shipping work?

On Cue is a global leader in rave clothing and accessories. With rave and festival season on the horizon, it's important to receive your order quickly. Once the order production process has finished (within seven business days), it'll be shipped out for delivery via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Domestic customers who purchase $75 or more receive free shipping. International customers who purchase $200 or more receive free international shipping.

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