Women’s Graphic Sweatshirts

Raves and festivals happen all year round, indoors and outdoors, whether it's hot or cold. Attending a rave in the colder months doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a signature rave style or your comfort.


On Cue's collection of women's graphic sweatshirts is storming the internet and has been featured in several rave blogs and sported by countless influencers. The rave brand features a unique collection of vibrant rave apparel all designed by independent international artists.


Why are On Cue's women's sweatshirts so popular?

What's not to love about On Cue's vibrant, soft, and warm sweatshirts? When it comes to getting rave-ready in the colder months, an eye-catching rave sweatshirt pairs perfectly with shorts and leggings and won't feel restricting while moving and grooving on the dance floor. Help these rave-worthy sweatshirts become even more popular by tagging @oncueapparel_ or #oncueapparel on Instagram pictures.

What sizes do women's rave sweatshirts come in?

All women's graphic sweatshirts are available in sizes XS to 3XL. The size selection is based on unisex sizes, so it's recommended that women order a size down for the best fit. Shop On Cue's collection of women's rave sweatshirts now and enjoy up to 40 percent off of vibrant patterned and printed sweatshirts, including Starry Night Women's Sweatshirt, Lotus Biggest Women's Sweatshirt, Wild Heart Women's Sweatshirt, Psychedelic Tiger Women's Sweatshirt, Divine in You Women's Sweatshirt, Hopeless Wanderer Women's Sweatshirt, Free Your Mind Women's Sweatshirt, Time Decreases Women's Sweatshirt, and Trance State Women's Sweatshirt.

How long does it take to process orders?

Each of On Cue's high-quality, handmade rave garments and accessories is made to order, including all men's and women's graphic tank tops, T-shirts, hoodies, graphic sweatshirts, and bottoms. All products are produced in the U.S. using ethically sourced materials and high-end inks for the most vivid colors and prints. On Cue has a seven-business-day product processing time, starting from the time an order is placed. Once the order is completed, it's shipped out for delivery. Unused, clean, and undamaged items can be returned within 60 days.

Where do the design inspirations come from?

On Cue's trippy, psychedelic, surreal, and patterned designs come from all over the globe. The brand serves as a platform where global independent artists can have their work displayed on wearable, high-quality garments. Brand designers earn the best available commission of 15 percent per design sold, and they always maintain the rights to their artwork.

Are you interested in designing for rave apparel? On Cue is always on the lookout for new designers to join the family. Submit a portfolio of original artwork, and any accepted designs will be mocked up on various products. On Cue works with local printers to get designs produced and fulfilled, and they give designers a special login so they can track the number of design sales and total earnings.

How can fans contribute?

True brand fans love to keep up with the latest product releases, events, and behind-the-scenes contests. On Cue is happy to sweeten the deal by offering fans the chance to become Brand Ambassadors and help spread the buzz online. Active Brand Ambassadors who follow, shout out to, and post about On Cue rave clothing receive a custom affiliate link to share with friends. Whenever this custom link is used to make a purchase, Ambassadors get paid 10 percent of the sale. They even get the occasional $50 gift card to use toward online purchases.

How does shipping work?

Both domestic and international customers will be happy to know that qualifying purchases receive free shipping. Domestic orders over $75 and international orders over $200 both qualify to receive free shipping upon completion of the production process. On Cue works with USPS, UPS, and FedEx to get its rave apparel into the hands of customers. The rave clothing brand also offers the chance for e-commerce store owners to make wholesale purchases of its diverse product lines. Sellers who can make a minimum of 50 sales per month can even take advantage of having orders drop-shipped to customers upon request.

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