5 Rave Gear Essentials You Need Today

New year, new festival gear! Get ready for all of 2020’s music festivals with a fresh update to your festival wardrobe. And why not start now?

Everyone knows that going to a rave or festival isn’t only about the music and dancing. It’s about having the right style and the right gear so you are looking, and feeling, your absolute best.

Here are our top 5 rave gear essentials for the new decade!

1. CamelBak Hydration Packs

These are pretty much the only backpacks that security will let you bring into a festival. They’re lightweight, maneuverable and will fit all your essentials. Remember to stay safe and keep yourself hydrated, but stay stylish while doing so, of course. Sip water as casually as ever while you’re fist bumping or dancing until the sun comes up.

2. Kaleidoscope Glasses

Didn’t think it was possible to make light shows even more epic? These innovative glasses will alter your raving experience forever, that’s a guarantee. See rainbows through a pair of GloFX glasses, and you won’t remember life before them. The crystals refract light from different directions for an intense kaleidoscopic effect. Look cool while you question reality from your very own eyes. These glasses are pretty much the future of rave eyewear, so get in on it now.

3. Tie-Dye Shirts

The ‘90s are back, back again. Tie-dye shirts are cooler than ever, and they’re a must have for your rave gear wardrobe these days. Dance with confidence in your multicolored, trippy tee, and you’re sure to get compliments from anyone near you. Because everyone looks good in tie-dye, right? We think so, at least. Either way, you’ll definitely have more fun sporting a tie-dye tee.

4. Crop Tops

There isn’t a fashion trend out there as popular as crop tops right now. Every rave girl has at least one in their closet, so why not you or your girlfriend? Show off a little bit of skin in a flattering crop top with a fun, stylish design. Plus, their lightweight fabric and style keeps you cool while you dance the day away in the summer sun. Pair your crop top with high rise skinny jeans, and your festival look is complete. It’s as simple as that!

5. Flower Crowns

Of course we had to finish the list with flower crowns. You’re sure to see these headbands around at any type of music festival: country, folk, rave, electronic, you get the deal. They’re really that versatile.

Get creative and make your own flower crown so it’s unique to you and your style. Whether you decide to make your own or purchase one, you’ll make a statement. Get in on all the fun and grab the latest rave gear styles. Check out our store and make your outfits stand out! We have different types of diffraction glasses, crop tops, tie-dye shirts, and so much more. You just may have to get a closet dedicated to only your festival clothes.


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