10 Cool Hoodies for Men
The end of the year is sneaking up fast. That means the busiest shopping season of
the year. It can be a stressful time trying to think what gifts to buy. But we’re here to
help. A gift that will never get old is giving someone a cool, comfortable hoodie.
Whether its for you brother, best friend, or even for yourself. Treat yo self.

Here are 10 cool hoodies for men.

1. The Primal Earth Goddess. Gaia. She’s been around since the very beginning.
She’s seen everything throughout history. She was tough, but she gave us a
chance to evolve. And then we betrayed her. We polluted her. And now we’re
about to pull the trigger. Do we still have time go back?

2. What would happen if Picasso took a lot of psychedelics? More than he
probably did. His mind would have melted and reincarnated as a bird. This is
what he would see. Looks like a nightmare, or the most fun you will ever have.
It also makes for a cool hoodie design.

3. Forget everything you learned in school about how our galaxy was created. I’m
going to tell you the truth they don’t want you to know. This galaxy was created
as an accident by an ancient alien species. They were the most powerful beings
ever. But they had one flaw. They were alcoholics. One morning, with he worst
hang over he ever had, one of the aliens puked out the the galaxy. It’s called
the Milky Way because he drank some spoiled milk that morning.

4. Fun fact, sloths are the coolest animal in the world. They just chill all day and
hang out. And they always look like they are high. Whats the best food int he
world? Pizza. Sloths love pizza. And whats the best sweet? That's right, donuts.
You bet your ass sloths love donuts too. Combine all the ingredients and you
get a cool hoodie.

5. “Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.” Damn, I see you
Frankenstein. Keep doing you.

6. Sometimes a little bit of crazy can go a long way. What would it look like to let it
all out? What if you weren’t crazy, but had a parasite invading your brain?
Could you use that power? Or would it consume you?

7. Oh shit Karl, you just spilled paint all over the place! Mark is going to be
pissed! This was going to be the galaxy where he was going to move. He
wanted to check out Earth and go to Hawaii. I don’t want to be there when you
tell him. But hey, at least it makes for a cool hoodie.

8. After years of trying, he was finally close. His whole life was spent trying to
reach the biggest prize of all. The moon. And now it was all his. He could go
whenever he wanted. A place where his wife and kids couldn’t find him.

9. The thing. Could it be inside you? That weird feeling inside you. Or was it just
some bad food you ate?

10. Oh look, we’re back in Picassos nightmare world. Have a look around. Just
don’t touch anything.


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