Graphic Tanks That Make a Statement

What’s the most important thing to bring to a festival? Confidence and Style.

That's it, everything else is extra. If you feel confident, and look good doing it, people
will notice. Wearing a killer graphic tee will give you both the confidence and style
you need. What you do with these powers is up to you.

Here are 10 graphic tanks to up your game:

1. If you go deep enough in the universe, you will find something very strange. A
galaxy where planets are tiny and made of ice cream. But wait, I know what you
you’re probably thinking, “let’s get high and go there.” And that’s why you’re a

2. They told Mario not to eat the mushrooms. He didn’t listen. He tripped so hard
that he imagined that an evil turtle named Bowser kidnapped his girl. That
actually never happened. It was just one long bad trip. He had a blast though.

3. Krispy Kreme. If you know, you understand. If you don’t know, you should
know. It can ruin your life, or it can take it to heights you’ve never experienced
before. Wear the tank and peoples mouths will water when they see you. They
also have a dope logo.

4. You start to feel a little bit tingly and cold. It’s a weird sensation you’ve never
felt before. Once you realize it, it’s too late. The host has begun taking over
your body. He will soon be in control of you and erase you memory. Might as
well enjoy the ride.

5. The Ink Shark. He’s the man of the hour, too sweet to be sour, what you see is
what you get and what you don’t is better yet. If you bet against him you made
a bad bet. He’ll take your girl and you’ll be the one apologizing to him.

6. You can’t sit with us unless you know about Los Pollos Hermanos. Gus Fring
keeps that chicken nice and crispy. And he probably adds a little something
extra. Wearing this graphic tank will send a message.

7. The most dangerous man in the world. It all started with him. The Anonymous
Samurai. Fighting injustice from the very beginning. He took down the corrupt
Emperor and began a time of peace. But it didn’t last long. And now he’s
pissed off.

8. This Dino dance party tank will keep you going all night. It’s one of my favorite
graphic tanks. Most people think an asteroid hit earth ad killed all of the
dinosaurs. But I have another theory. One day, the dinosaurs threw a huge
party and thing got a little out of control. They were got so drunk they thought
they could fly and stated jumping off the top off mountains.

9. “Nobody makes me bleed my own blood, nobody!.” Join Globo Gym and
become a part of the Purple Cobra team. Join the legendary team with
members like Blade, Lazer, and Blazer. Let’s go, no time to waste.

10. We’ve all said this at one point or another before doing something stupid. Fuck it.


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