What To Wear to Ultra Music Festival | CURATED OUTFITS

Every year ravers attend Ultra Music Festival wearing unique one of a kind clothing. Outfits range from body paint to costumes but it doesn't just stop at outfits festival-goers also take totems and kandi. The most important thing to remember is that Miami is sunny and humid. You want to wear clothing that is breathable and comfortable since you will be dancing for over 12 hours per day. 

What do men wear to Ultra Music Festival? 

We recommend wearing shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops so that you could dance, run, and walk around the festival comfortably. 

Wear items about subjects you love such as cats, the galaxy, cartoons, gaming, and food. Your clothing should make people stop, stare, and start a conversation. A rave is all about making friends and these outfits will help you look more approachable! Click the link below to check out our favorite rave clothing for men! 

Want more motivation? Checkout our staffs favorite festival pick. The look below is guaranteed to get you the attention you deserve. 

Final Raver Tip

Ultra provides free water, we recommend taking a hydration pack that holds a large amount of water. You don't want to leave your favorite set just because you're thirsty. 

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Have fun and stay safe!


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