Watch Deadmau5 hyperlapse of his 3.0 Cube Construction

The day we've all been waiting for is almost here!

Deadmau5 sure knows how to tease. Earlier this week he released a hyperlapse video of his 3.0 cube and it looks amazing. The cube will be released at Ultra Music Festival and it will visually be the most impressive show during the festival. 

The differences between this cube and his past cubes are humongous and worth the expensive Ultra Ticket. 

  • The cube will be large enough to fit the entire music console which means he won't be DJ'ing from above but from inside the cube.
  • The entire cube will rotate revealing Deadmau5
  • The LED panels will be translucent, allowing for a 3D effect that combined with Deadmau5's helmet will make your jaw drop.
  • Most impressively the cube rotates on both its X-axis and its Y-axis.

 Watch the hyperlapse below!

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