Remembering The Legend - Avicii is career and greatest hits.

Avicii was not only a young successful producer and DJ. He motivated, inspired, and healed people with his music.

The Americans For Hearts organization states "Years of research has proven that music is correlated with many positive mental, physical, emotional, and social states, which is why its so necessary to share music with others"

His music gave us love, good times, and moments we will never forget. 

Avicii (1989-2018) - 28 years old.

2010 - "Seek Bromance" 

2011 - "Levels" was released, he became known worldwide and a household name.

2012 - Became an ULTRA headliner

2013 - Merged country and pop with electronic music to EXTREME success with singles "Wake Me Up" and "Hey Brother"

2014 - Announced he was hospitalized

2016 - Released Stories after working on the album for an entire year.

2017 - Released a documentary Avicii : True Stories and a six track EP.



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