Kandi Trading: The Official Guide To Trading

What is Kandi? 

Kandi are various types of items made out of beads. Usually, they are made out of pony plastic beads. At festivals you will see many people wearing different types of kandi ranging from simple bracelets to intricate mask, bras, bags, and more. These items are made with lots of love for the creator to wear, give away, or to trade.  


How do you make Kandi?

Their are various types of kandi you can create. To start you would need to buy beads which can be found on various online websites or in your local craft stores. You would also need to purchase an elastic string. Next you would need to figure out which type of Kandi you would like to create. For example, a simple bracelet, perler, or mask. Below are a couple great DIY guides from youtube.

Bracelet (Beginner) 

Perlers (Advanced)

Kandi Mask (Advanced)

Now that you've learned what kandi is and how to create it. You are ready to start trading! 

Kandi Trading And Trade Etiquette 

A lot of the kandi you create is usually made for trading. You want to give a piece of your hard work and creativity to friends and people you connect with. Normally, kandi is given or exchanged in PLUR moments. It's never forced but felt. It's a gift given when you form a bond and trading kandi creates a memory you will forever remember. 

To trade you would do the PLUR handshake which stands for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. The handshake is shown below by @gingerCandE


There are also a couple of must know unwritten rules in the kandi world. 

1-) Don't just go up to somebody and ask for their kandi. Create a bond first by talking to them and becoming friends.

2-) Don't ask for a specific piece let them give you the piece that they feel you deserved based on your individual traits. A lot of times kandi has written words on them and trader might feel they resonate with you.

3-) Don't trade kandi that was specifically given or created for you. Somebody took their time to create that piece for you and it shouldn't be give away, it should be cherished. 

Can I Buy Kandi?

There's a lot of online websites selling kandi nowadays and while you could buy it it's looked down upon because you did not put the effort and love into the individual pieces. However, most people understand that you might not have the time to learn how to create these cool pieces so if you love kandi and you don't have the time go ahead and purchase a few pieces. 

Where can I get ideas?

We know your wondering what types of different kandi you can create. Below are a couple pictures of some of our favorites pieces.


Hopefully! Those images sparked some creativity. Don't forget to get your rave clothing from us On Cue Apparel the world leaders in rave clothing. 





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