Everything You Need For a Crispy Rave Outfit


What does it take to come up with a great rave outfit?

Good question. After a lot of research, I’ve come up with the best combination to create a killer rave outfit.

Going to a festival is not just about the music. It’s also about self-expression, interacting with the rave community, and dope outfits. Each day at a festival you get a chance to show off your style and personality.

A killer rave outfit is about making a statement about who you are and how you feel. It’s also about being comfortable. But you can combine both to create your own outfit. No one will judge you in a rave, so you can really let go and wear anything you want.

Here is a recipe to come up with your own crispy rave outfit.


Funny T-Shirt / Tank

Funny T-shirts are in right now. They’re the perfect way to show off your personality in a specific way. Whether it’s a shirt of a taco cat surfing or a dad bod, you’ll have no problem finding something that speaks to you.

The shirt will be the foundation of your outfit since it will be the most visible. All over prints are made so the design covers the entire shirt. This gives you the maximum space to find something unique. You can also rock graphic tee with a music quote or cool design.

Whatever you choose, really think about it since it will be the main theme of your outfit. Go big.

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The next recipe for your killer rave outfit is some cool glasses. First is the classic sunglasses, which you can wear night or day. These are always a safe choice, but you won’t be making a big statement.

What I would recommend are steampunk and kaleidoscope glasses. These will enhance the visual experience at a rave. This type of trippy glasses not only look good, but also make the show more fun. Kaleidoscope glasses specifically are great when paired with a laser show at a rave. Things will get weird.

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Neon is a part of the recipe which you can add at any time. These will give a great accent to any rave outfit. You can wear a whole shirt with a neon design. This will definitely make you pop.

For even more fun, add neon though accessories. You can turn glow sticks into necklaces or bracelets. Or even wear it on your head. To turn even more heads, wear a neon-rimmed sunglasses with a neon hat. For the ladies, a neon bikini is always sexy.

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Intergalactic Hoodie

For those who like to party, but don’t want something flashy, an intergalactic hoodie is the way to go. It makes sense, since you’re out of this world. Galaxy hoodies are a great way to make a rave outfit memorable without being too bright and loud. Sometimes you can let your attitude and dance skills do the talking.

The best thing to do is be creative and have fun with it. If you feel confident, any rave outfit will look good on you. But also don’t be afraid of trying something different and going out of your comfort zone. It’s fun out there.

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