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Every year new galaxy hoodies are created. We searched the top 5 artist from across the world and found the best artwork on the web. Each artist was inspired by a different part of the galaxy. They are bright, bold, and sublimated for the ultimate vibrancy. If you're somebody who loves galaxies, planets, or anything space related then these hoodies are a must have. 

Design Name: My Little Flower
Inspired: Galaxy
Description: This design is extremely creative it depicts an astronaut staring at a flower blooming a galaxy. The galaxy inside of it is red and stunning. If you want to stand out and get a ton of compliments then we definitely recommend purchasing this hoodie.

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Design Name: Cosmic Vomit
Inspired: Galaxy and Psychedelics
Description: This hoodie features a young man vomiting a galaxy. The galaxy forms as it lands on his feet. It's psychedelic, funky, and original. You can't go wrong with this artwork. Maybe the big bang was a lie after all... 

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Design Name: Adventure Time
Inspired: Galaxy and the movie ET 
Description: This unique design features a young man riding a bicycle into a spinning portal. The artwork was inspired by the classic movie E.T. If you've seen the movie then you must purchase this adventurous hoodie. 

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Design Name: Into the OORT Cloud
Inspired: Space and Astronauts
Description: This design features an astronaut floating in space. The astronaut is reaching out the vivid cloud in front of him. Will he find peace in the galactic cloud?

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Design Name: Glossy Galaxy
Inspired: Galaxy
Description: This jaw-dropping hoodie depicts a vivid galaxy that wraps around your body. This hoodie is extremely comfortable and cozy. 

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