10 Rave Shirts You Can’t Miss

Festival season is going strong, and there’s still plenty left to go.

Each day at a festival you get a chance to show off your style and personality. Quirky, upbeat, chill, we got it all for you.  We’re here to help. Check out these 10 rave shirts that will have all eyes on you.  

Here’s 10 crispy rave shirts for your next EDM event.  

1. The Big Bang is not actually what they taught you in school. It was actually a huge 3-day festival. The morning after, hungover, one the Cosmic Gods threw up everywhere and created the universe. True story.  

2. A flower. We’ve all seen thousands of them. But think about this. Billions of years ago, planet Earth was created when giant stars in the universe exploded, scattering everywhere. So that little plant actually has atoms that were once in that giant star. When you look at it, you’re actually looking at the beginning of the universe.

3. Did you want to be an astronaut when you grew up? You’ve heard of Venus, Mars, Mercury, but you’ve probably never heard of the Blood Planet. You don’t want to go there. Trust me.

4. Do tacos make you horny? I don’t know if it was the tacos, but this sloth is definitely horny. Could have also been the music.

5. Gaia, the mother of all life. The Primal Earth Goddess. We betrayed her. Polluted her. She cries for us. And now we’re about to pull the trigger.  

6. “8-foot-tall, hideously ugly creation, with translucent yellowish skin pulled so taut over the body that it barely disguised the workings of the arteries and muscles underneath. His hair was of a lustrous black, and flowing; his teeth of a pearly whiteness; but these luxuriances only formed a more horrid contrast with his watery eyes.” Oh, and he’ll fuck you up too.

7. The inner beast. We all have one. That animal inside of us that comes out once in a while. Sometimes when you least expect it. Some let their inner beast out when they’re at a festival. Is that you?

8. When you were little, you probably heard the story of Jesus walking on water. Impressive, yes. But most people don’t tell you the real story. Jesus wanted to catch some waves, but his surf board was broken. So he said, screw it, I’m gonna shred anyway!

9. Deep Melodies. 1,000 feet under the ocean there’s no regular fish. You’ll only find neon colored fish that live in the dark. Down there you’ll find the deep cuts, the lo fi beats.  

10. They’ve sent a lot of people to get him. But none of them have come back.  


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