Mission Statement
To spread good vibes and unite the EDM community through love.

The idea for Single Ravers was conceived on Monday September 29th, 2014 at Disney World in Orlando, FL.

Riding a huge high from their previous day at TomorrowWorld Kelly, Joseph, and Julie were browsing Instagram, posting pictures, and reminiscing about their most recent adventure. As their day continued at the Magic Kingdom, Joey and Kelly couldn’t stop talking about how happy they were to have experienced TomorrowWorld together. After a couple of hours of this going on Julie said, “I’m going to start hashtagging singleraver on all my Instagram pictures like you guys hashtag ravecouple.” Immediately a light bulb turned on above Joey’s head. He asked Julie to search Instagram for a raver singles page. To their surprise nothing was found! At that moment in line for Pirates of the Caribbean, Single Ravers was born.

Single Ravers has successfully helped ravers from all over the country find love.


You could be next!