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    Rick Jacobi

    Rick Jacobi
    Visionary and Esoteric Art
    Searching for the mysterious, the hidden, the unknown.

    After twenty years of doing commercial illustration, I left that line of work and became a high school art teacher at a charter school for the arts. During that time, I essentially became reborn as an artist. Since 2008 I have been painting what is frequently referred to as "visionary art". Having retired from teaching at the end of 2014, I now devote the bulk of my time to my personal art.

    My interests and influences include: metaphysical and esoteric studies, ancient cultures, lost civilizations, semiotics (the study of signs and symbols), sacred geometry, comparative religion & spirituality, the nature of consciousness, tarot, UFOs, aliens, etc.

    I also had a career as a professional musician, but that's another story...


    BFA, College for Creative Studies, Detroit, 1980. Illustration major.
    MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching), Wayne State University, Detroit, 2005.

    I have also studied with renowned visionary artists Alex & Allyson Grey, Philip Rubinov Jacobson, and Amanda Sage.

    Quotes from other people about my work:

    On my painting "Deus Arcanum": "That piece is a cool mystical cartoon surreal alchemical opus. Well done. Applause, applause!" -- Alex Grey

     "Your art seems to exist on a wonderfully fuzzy line between a kind of controlled psychedelia and a sublime divine pattern organization." -- Lewis Saul

    On my painting "The Oracle": "Disturbingly fascinating amazingly grotesque yet utterly elegant." -- Gwen Carr


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