Graphic Hoodies That Your Girlfriend Will Love.. and Eventually Steal | On Cue

Hoodies are probably the most versatile thing you can wear. Especially an awesome
graphic hoodie. It’ll look good whether you’re at a festival, going out, or while you
Netflix and Chill.

I have to warn you though, if you have a girlfriend she will probably steal this from
you. And good luck getting it back. These are some of the comfiest and softest
hoodies you’ll ever feel.

Here are 10 graphic hoodies to hide from your girlfriend:

1. Alien Christ has come to save us all. He brought dope togas and psychedelics.
Show your love for the extraterrestrial with this soft and smooth graphic
hoodie. You might get some worshipers while wearing this.

2. This cosmic kitty is ready for Burning Man. He’s rocking his slick diffraction
glasses and a USA flag bandana. Ready to go with beer and pizza in hand. In
the background of this glorious cat is the universe itself. The universe was
made for this cat.

3. He was there on a mission. Get the package and bring it back to earth. The
androids were supposed to be broken, like everything else on the planet. But
they weren’t. And just as he grabbed the package, the hairs on the back of his
head stood up. Before he turned around, he knew what had happened. They
woke up and he didn’t turn around.

4. Sometimes when you’re high and drunk you finish the night with some pizza
and Netflix. But sometimes the universe calls and you contemplate life. You
think about why you’re here and what any of this means. Wait, actually pizza
and Netflix sounds better.

5. This graphic hoodie is one of my favorite. It’s a great example of what happens to a
deer if you give it psychedelics. This deer just realized who he really is. He
understands who created the universe. His body took on new shapes and
colors. He became the universe.

6. You and your boo looking up at the universe. You point to a star in the night sky
filled with thousands of stars. But this one is just a little brighter than the rest.
You reach out and pluck the star out from the sky. You put it next to her and say
“just like I thought, your eyes are brighter than this star.” After doing this,
prepare for the most sex you’ve ever had.

7. This graphic hoodie is hard to explain with words. It’s a cat at the top of the
mountain looking at the sun. Hmm. Actually, I don’t know what it is. It’s dope

8. Planet of Terror. You don’t want to be stranded there, trust me. Terror is not
even a good enough name to describe what goes on there. Whenever you’re
flying by there, be extra careful. That is, unless you’re a freak who’s into really
weird things. Then you might want to stop by and check it out.

9. Beer pong. House rules. Let’s go.

10. The universe itself. The biggest mystery of them all. Get lost inside the billions
of stars and planets. Rock this amazing graphic hoodie and be life of the party.


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