Must Have Hoodies For Cat Lovers

We don't like to brag, but honestly we have the very BEST cat hoodies the world has ever seen. We love cats so much we gave them their own apparel section. From bacon loving kitties to James Bond inspired cat spies we guarantee you'll find a hoodie you'll love. 


Fearless Kitty
This hoodie was inspired by James Bond. He is the Bond Kitty who can never be stopped. This cat protects the world from all the dangers of the Universe and never takes the credit. He is a real superhero. 

Bacon Kitty
Hey raver, how much do you like bacon? This kitty LOVES bacon. He eats bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bacon is his true love. 

Turtle Taco Cat
Do you dream of tacos, while your cat licks your ear? No? Well that's how this idea came to life. Wear this hoodie and dream weird. 

Surfing Kittie
Surfs up bruh! Take your love for surfing to the next level in our insanely cool hoodie. This hoodie is the perfect ice breaker. 

Want to checkout our entire cat hoodie and take your festival expereince to the next level? 

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