How To Shuffle (With Videos)!

Shuffling has become the go to dance move in the EDM community. It originate in the club dance scene of Melbourne, Australia. Over the years shuffling has expanded from basic heel to toe dance moves into complex movements. In the United States shuffling completely took off with LMFAO's - Party Rock Anthem. 

There's nothing better than attending a festival and showing off your new dance moves. It's all about adding your personal touch to each move. A professional shuffler knows that it's not just about the feet but about the body movement as well. 

Below is the famous video from LMFAO. All the footwork that you see in the video is shuffling.

Now that you're refreshed on shuffling, let's get started. 

Below are a couple videos from youtube's dance sensation Mihran Kirakosian ranked from basic to advanced.




Once you get the flow of the two movements above you are ready to take it to the next level with Anderson Jovani. 



Once you've got these movements on lock. Your're ready to get creative. Start adding your flavor to each move and purchase your festival tickets to show off what you've learned.

If you have an Instagram account we recommend following the top shuffling accounts to get ideas, stay inspired, and become part of the community.

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