Festival Totems - How To Make Them & Ideas (Plus Pro Tips)

Festival totems have taken off the last couple of years. Ravers are becoming extremely creative with the hopes of having the best totem in the festival. These totems are useful, funny, and will enhance your festival experience. 

Why are festival totems great?

The totem you create is an extension of yourself. It shows the world how funny, cool, or weird you are. While holding a totem you are likely to get to know more people, make more friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Totems are also great in case anybody gets lost. It makes it easy to identify your group in a crowd of 100,000 or more people. 

How do I make my totem?

Before starting to make your totem you should consider a couple things. 

  • Weight - You will be carrying this totem around all day and night. Make sure it's light but durable enough to make it a fun accessory instead of a hassle. 
  • Height - It should be tall enough that it will stand out among the crowd. 
  • Durability - Make sure it can handle abuse, it will be moving around in a harsh environment where people bump into each other. 
  • View The Festival Rules - A couple festivals do not allow totems. It would be a shame if you created the perfect totem for it to be thrown out when your reach the main gate. 


Let's get started. 

First, you would need a collapsible pole. You can buy one for cheap in Home Depot or at your local craft store. A good one shouldn't cost you more than $20 dollars. You want a collapsible pole because you don't want to carry a huge plywood everywhere you go. It's easier to store and move in a car, when your walking, etc. 

Second, you would need to decide on your festival totem head. This is where creativity comes into play because the material needed would change depending on your idea. People attach banners, piñatas, cardboard, stuffed animals, and more. 

Finally, attaching your festival head to the pole. This will also depend on the chosen material and pole but you would normally use glue, tape, or a rope. The most important part is to make it nice and durable.


  • Collapsible pole   
  • Festival totem head (will depend on your creativity)
  • Glue, Rope, or Tape
  • Led lights with battery pack (optional)


Below are a couple of awesome totems which should spark some creativity. 

Pro Tip: walking with a totem is always better when your rocking the best rave clothing in the world. 






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