Avicii: Legendary Producer and DJ Dead At 28

Tim Bergling also known as Avicii was found dead in Muscat the capital of Oman this morning. No details of his death have been released at the time.

The family released a statement to CNN which read "It is with profound sorrow that we announce the loss of Tim Bergling. He was found dead Friday afternoon local time, April 20th. The family is devastated and we ask everything to please respect their need for privacy in this difficult time. No further statements will be given."

Avicii was one of the most successful and creative DJ's in the scene. He was the first to create a crossover with country music in 2013 with "Wake Me Up" and everybody followed suit. 

However, with success came problems. He became addicted to partying and at 21 he had pancreatitis due to heavy drinking. He said it was very easy to get addicted to partying and the loneliness caused anxiety which became toxic. In 2016 he retired from touring due to health issues and acute pancreatitis. 

He never stopped creating music. He wrote "we all reach a point in our lives and careers where we understand what matters the most to us, for me it's creating music, this is what I life for, what I feel I was born to do". 


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