10 Cool Hoodies For The End of The Year

Cool is cool. It never goes out of style and it always looks good. Winter is here, so
now is the best time to stock on some cool hoodies. When I wear mine, people think
I’m more interesting than I really am. Now you can too. It will be our secret, I won’t tell

Here are 10 cool hoodies for the end year:

1. The dinosaur, the OG badass. The first real apex predator, the top of the food
chain. If they were still around, we wouldn’t be. But even as a skeleton, you can
feel the power and ferocity of the T-Rex. He’s not done yet, he wants his

2. The eye of the storm. The worst place to be during a hurricane. It’s also the
safest place to be, if you’re in the middle. The eye destroys everything in its
path, no matter what it is. Just like you destroy the dance floor whenever you
feel like it.

3. Ancient Egypt was the birthplace of out modern society. Everything we have
can be traced back to them. But now it’s time for a new beginning. A new
chapter of humanity. But the old gods will not go down easy. They have come
to take back whats theirs. They also look dope in this cool hoodie design.

4. Is there a better movie than Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? I don’t know, I’ve
never actually seen it. I pretend I have when people talk about it. Can you spot
the hidden dragon in this hoodie? It’s wrapped all around the outside of the
hoodie. Waiting to pounce.

5. Buddha Buddha Buddha rockin’ everywhere. Bring zen everywhere you go
with this cool Buddha hoodie. Zen doesn’t have be chill. Zen can be in the club
or at a festival. Be Zen.

6. This is what happens when you’re a designer and you get too high. Let’s see.
There is a skull coming out of a fox’s head. It looks like an octopus is pulling the
skull out. Theres also a weird robot thing on the top left. And a camera. Now go
and find Waldo.

7. The Voyage is just beginning. They don’t know if they will be back. They’re
going into unknown territory. They will sail on these blue, but dangerous
waters. None of them have been outside the city before. They never needed to.
But now the city needs them.

8. There is a wild, untamed animal inside all of us. The one inside party animals is
especially savage. He always wants more. If you don’t feed it, things could go
wrong. If you don’t party hard enough, it will come out in other ways. You don’t
want that.

9. It’s going a be a long journey through the night. It’s cold, and you’re all alone.
The night sky is dark, with very few stars. It’s cold, snow covering the entire
path. But you must go on. That’s all you know how to do. Move forward.

10. This a cool hoodie. The skull master that can see into the future. It was too late
for him when he gained this power. But now he has it, and he’s not afraid to use it.

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